May 16, 2012

DJ Soul x Staple present The Prescription 2.1

About a year ago, Jeff Staple reached out to me about re-releasing a mix that I recorded for his clothing line Staple back in 1999. After going back and forth with some ideas, we decided to design a t-shirt inspired by the mix and include it with a specially designed USB flash drive (that would feature a new logo designed by the homie Eric Haze).

If you would like to purchase the package (the mix is on the USB), it's now available in New York City at The Reed Space, Colette in Paris, Shoe Gallery in Miami, Kicks Hawaii in Honolulu, Major in Washington DC and at most locations where Staple is sold.

Below are images of the front of the t-shirt, a snippet of the mix (which again is included on the flash drive) and the logo on the flashdrive.

If you want to purchase it online, you can find it here in the United States and here in Europe.

T-Shirt Design

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