July 6, 2010

Live On The Frozen Files With Matt Life (June 30th, 2010)

Back in the late 90's when I used to harass record labels for music, one label that I would check on the regular was Loud Records. Damn near everything they released back then was certified classic. Debut albums from the Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, The Alkoholiks, Xzibit, Sadat X and Big Pun moved major units without radio friendly singles and helped pave the way for indie labels such as Rawkus and Penalty.

The first time I visited Loud, their office was on Lexington and 32nd Street (Vibe Magazine was also in that building) and it was a few weeks before the release of Mobb Deep's second album. I didn't know anybody who worked there but had heard that promo records were given out every Friday to club and mixtape DJ's. That week, I made it a point to go and wait in that lobby until somebody either hooked me up or kicked me out. I don't remember who laced me but I got an advance copy of Mobb Deep's Hell On Earth and Xzibit's At The Speed Of Light. 

A week or two later, I made a mixtape titled The Set Up and went back to the office and gave out copies to some of the staff. Slowly, I became cool with Malachi & Jabbar in the A&R department and damn near everybody in promotions (Shouts to OJ Wedlaw, Budda, Gabby, Chris Green, Howie McDuffy and Puerto Rico Rob). Soon I met Sean C (who was working with a new group by the name of Dead Prez) and shortly after that, I met the two A&R's who were responsible for signing Mobb Deep and Raekwon. Their names was Schott Free and Matt Life (peep this interview about how they signed Mobb). Matt had also worked at The Source Magazine where he was responsible for The Unsigned Hype column and was the one who introduced Puff Daddy to an up and coming rapper out of Bed-Stuy by the name of Biggie Smallz. 

Up until the demise of Loud Records in 2002, these guys looked out for me whenever they could. So when Schott called me up last week and asked me to come up to his and Matt's new show on East Village Radio as a guest DJ, you know I had to repay the favor. Hopefully this will turn into something we do a few times a year.

DJ Soul - Live on The Frozen Files

June 30th, 2010
1. Introduction
2. Roc Marciano "Thugs Prayer"
3. The Notorious B.I.G. "Me & My Bitch" (Original version)
4. LL Cool J "No Airplay"
5. A Tribe Called Quest "Oh My God" (Remix)
6. Gangstarr "The ? Remainz"
7. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Sadat X "Come On" (Original version)
8. Redman feat. Hurricane G "Get Down Like That" (unreleased)
9. Nas feat. Norega "Sex, Money. Drugs And Murder" (unreleased)
10. Mobb Deep feat. Nas & Raekwon "Eye For An Eye"
11. McGruff feat. The Lox "Reppin Uptown"
12. Ol' Dirty Bastard "Reunited" (unreleased)
13. Ol' Dirty Bastard "Lafayette Gardens Freestyle" (unreleased)
14. The Notorious B.I.G. "Guaranteed Raw Freestyle"
15. Black Moon "Act Like You Want It"
16. Cocoa B'z "Won on Won"
17. Big Pun "Dream Shatterer" (Original version)


DJ 7L said...

Dope! Def gotta peep the shows archives,good shit

"2.13" said...

Reminds me of those dayz when Hip-Hop was worth listening too, what happen to those dayz ?...

Anonymous said...

yes i know the gods well peace to scott n matt!!! ha i used to live with talib in brooklyn and the duns would stop by the gates cause thats where all thr underground heads would be! Classon n Quincy, those my dudes right there, i even had to pitch a bitch one day scott was on my couch when i cam home from working at duke da moon! I knew who they were and how much they meant to hip hop so i had to spaz about being on my shit when i came home lol

Anonymous said...

the real version of me n my bitch!!!! what the fuck yall know bout that real hip hop????? wipes tear from eye....

DJ OPAL said...

DJ Soul,
Please keep up the terrific work! Sounding great!