July 23, 2009

New De La Soul

So I was speaking to Posdnuos earlier and asked him when this Nike album is coming out. He told me that it was released four months ago on itunes. For a second, I thought I was disconnected but after asking a few music industry insiders if they knew about it, I realized a lot of people didn't know. Now if Nike needs someone to help with the marketing for their music projects (which they definetely do), I'm available to work as a consultant. Clark Kent has my number.

  De La Soul
(Off of the Are You In album which is only available on itunes)


Anonymous said...

I had read about it on an other blog, but you're right there is not enoug buzz around it. Strange coming from a Nike project.

It's too bad because the album is dope. It would almost make me run :-)


Flex said...

damn there was a lot of internet press before this came out. I bought it the day it came out. Some joints on there.