March 23, 2009


For everybody out there who's never heard the Kid Capri tape where he disses Doo Wop, this is for you. It was Capri's last mix. At this time he had already released his debut album (which was produced by Biz Markie) and was catching wreck on 107.5 WBLS from Mondays to Thursday (I will be posting some of those mixes in the future).

Kid Capri -12/3/91

In case you missed it, this (1/1/92) was Doo Wop's response.

Bonus Video - The Apollo
 (Lead single off of The Tape)


Anonymous said...

nice one dude, keem 'em coming!

step one said...

been checking the blog for a while and always appreciate stuff like this - theres a few things over at my blog that might interest you. got some Doo wop, Riz, Jam Master Jay and Cash Money mixes up right now

nes said...

wow nice

Naveed said...

yo the first side is only 6 seconds long