February 19, 2009

NBA All Star Weekend '09 Recap

Last week I got a phone call from my favorite twin sisters Nicole & Natalie (Nina Sky) asking if I could go to Arizona with them for All Star weekend (of course I said yes). It was my first time in Phoenix and from Thursday until Monday night we played four events (five if you count me spinning at the Reebok party where I witnessed Kid Cudi and a Reebok employee trying to attack each other). Aside from that and the Suge Knight drama (which we were able to avoid), it was a great weekend. I got a chance to explore the city and play with my new camera (check out the pic's below). A huge thank you goes out to Nina Sky for bringing me out! Big shouts to Lady La from Fresh Fiends (thank you for looking out on Monday!), Chad Shoes (Nike), Destroy, DJ Fashen, Angela Yee, Jessica Rosenblum, Jamal, & Cipha Sounds!

For everybody out there who's wondering about Nina Sky's new albumThe Musical , it's still being recorded and features production from Salaam Remi, Ryan Leslie & Diplo. Be on the look out for their new video "On Some Bullshit" which will be dropping in the next week or two. Don't be surprised if you see a cameo from the kid.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of camera did you get? I'm looking for a new camera if you got any suggestions.