December 10, 2008

Last Night

First up on the agenda was a Lacoste dinner party at Da Silvano's. I usually go next door to Bar Pitti but that's a subject for another day. Anyhow, alot of good people were in the place (photo's are below). There were other people there but because my camera was experiencing exposure problems, alot of the pic's didn't come out. Shouts to Matt Goias, Max Glazer, Ayres, Cosmo, Eleven, D-Nice, The Arab Parrot, A Trak, Master Ace, Spinbad, Fancy and everybody else who I forgot. Oh yeah, thanks to Lacoste for the package and the dinner!


My Dinner - Grilled Chicken

A-Trak and Cosmo Baker

Cosmo's Lamb (Before)

Cosmo's Lamb (After)

D-Nice & Do-It All (Lords Of The Underground)

Max Glazer


DJ Spinbad

Matt Goias Hard At Work

Early X-Mas Gift

Thanks Lacoste!

Afterwards I headed over to Socialista and the night was great! Thanks to DJ Hiro for getting busy! Shouts to everybody who came by and hung out! Shadi, Ray (Mighty Healthy), Will (Karma Loop), Deva, Nate, Tim (13th Witness), Dee, Dj Ryo, Chris (X-Bar), Chef Lowe, Patty Laraunt, Alicia, PR Rob, Marlon B, Noemad, Noah Rubin, Chris (X-Bar), Jay Andino, Sharlene, Jerry and everybody else who I forgot!

Chef Lowe in the building!

Crazy Steez In The Building!

Deva In The Building!

DJ Hiro in the building!

Boston via Vegas in The Building!


Anonymous said...


Do you have this song? Man if you could post a link or something if u got it.. that would be the best thing that has happend to me last 3 years lol.... seriously you a dj so I figured you got everything

R. Kelly Feat. Nokio & Jaz-Ming - Use To Me Spending

DJ SOUL said...

Why don't you just download "Fuckin You Tonight" by The Notorious BIG & R Kelly?

Anonymous said...

I already got that one.. who don't have both Biggie albums ;) I just need that one too.. can't have too much music.