December 17, 2008

El Saeso's Birthday & The Worship Worthy Holiday Bash

The festivities began Monday night at Sofa Lounge (formerly X-Bar and Jimmy's Bronx Cafe) for Mike's birthday. Sadat X performed a few joints (including this) and there were some dominican dancers shaking that ass.  What a nice way to start off the week. Big shouts to Chris for looking out!

Live From The X-Bar

After that we hit up Korea Town from some Korean BBQ.
Not the smartest idea to eat at 3:30 in the morning 
but I never tried it before so why not.


And on Tuesday night, the party continued at Socialista where we hosted the Worship Worthy Holiday Party. Shouts to Jen, Max Glazer, Angela, Mel D Cole, 88 Keys, Izza Kizza, Matt Life, Schott Free, Gaby, Dorian, Miguel, Jean (sorry I couldn't find your battery),  Nicole, Erin, Reid, Angelo, 13th Witness, Dante Ross, Sammy The Jew, Liat, Christian Alexander, Nagman (Coat Of Arms), Dan Solomito, Kristen, Christina, Marcus, Tiffany, Denise, Tommy (Alife), Dave (Ssur), Roscoe (Nike), Melody,  Lisa, Sharlene, Jerry, Scott Melker, Josh (10 Deep), Amaury, Oldface, and everybody who came out! Best moment of the night was when Cee-Lo stopped by and I played The Goodie Mobb's "Cell Therapy."  The oh shit factor was in full effect! And because I was spinning most of the night, I only took two pic's (below). To check out all of the pic's, go here and here.


238BEATS said...

Peace Soul. I manage Diamond D;s DJ and an original member of the Psychotic Neurotics Sha Eaze. Would like to link with you to speak about putting together an old school 80's hip hop and classic Soul night at Socialista or another venue. Hit me up at to speak more about it.

Anonymous said...

there's nothing better than K food...

Kalia's Fam said...

Soul...what's goin on...down here in south fla...saw you are gonna spin @ hard rock from your page, but can't find any info or promotion on that. Hit me if you get this before sat. night. Let me know if you got a list, would love to catch your set tomorrow night. peace mj. email @

DJ SOUL said...

Change of plans. Due to the weather I won't be down there to spin tonight. Sorry!