June 29, 2008

Goodbye Lotus!

Two weeks ago, one of New York City's longest opened night clubs (of this decade) closed it's doors. The first night I played there was when Frank Roberts & Jovar started the Sunday Night party (which would later become Damon & Nitro's party). From '02 until sometime in 2005, I was one of the few dj's that was a resident (along with Ruckus, Stretch and Ani). Later in '06, I became the resident for Bill Spector & Ofeer's Wednesday party. And last but not least, I was a part of the 1992 party which started out in the basement. This was basically my house! Since there are so many memories, I've decided to post some some pic's and videos from over the years. Enjoy.

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by StoneRokk said...

dj booth riddled with riddles like "do not touch weight on the tonearm" and "no drinks in the dj booth" and my favorite "if you are in the red you will be fired (or something like that)"