May 20, 2008

Trader Joe's

Can anybody explain to me why all of L.A. shops there?

While I'm still on the subject of LA. Big shouts to everyone who made my trip possible and to everybody that I bumped into or met! Alanna Blonde, Sneaker Steve, Lamar Odom & the Southside crew, Jest & Arnaud @ Alife, DJ AM, Matt @ BPM, Damon, Haze, Jennifer (Worthy Worship), Lysa Cooper, Apollonia, Kelis, Nas, Keny Mac, Carla Guererro, Thao, Mike B, Jupiter & James Bond (Undefeated), Matt @ Takeout Global, Dice, Big Mike (thanks for watching my bag!), Wilmer, Curtis Vodka, Lorena, Big Pete, Shaniqwa, Dagan, Arson & Bee Nguyen (let's make it happen!), Steve Malbon (Frank 151), Amelia, Eque, Curtains, DJ Spider, Steve1der and to everyone else that I forgot!


Michael in LA said...

Trader Joe's is the spot - Good prices, fresh organic food, little packaged shit for lunch at work that's 10x better than a ham sandwich. Beat's the hell out of the regular supermarket and doesn't cost $$$ like Whole (paycheck) Foods...

So how did you like LA?

ejnord said...

Ice cream sandwiches
soy milk and yogurt
Joe's O's
frozen pesto pasta
thai pasta salad
real bread
nuts (deez)
Thai noodle satay
10 different kinds of eggs
Peach salsa
frozen blueberries
... and prices much lower than Ralph's or Albertsons.

These are the reasons.

Colin said...

$3.00 corked wine, what's really good. 3 Buck Chuck to those who know about the Trader Joe's that sell alcohol. Oh yeah and the food is good.

Phil said...

cheap and good.

pipomixes said...

A cheaper version of whole foods. However, the real reason that Trader Joe's blew-up was due to the Vons/Ralphs/Albertson's strike of 2003. All those shoppers starting shopping at the Joe's and never really came back when the strike came to an end.

DJ SOUL said...

In response to Michael, L.A. was fresh.

All the parties were poppin... I didn't make it to the Dug-Out on Saturday to play a set because I was stuck in Marina Del Rey but from what I saw, there is a better energy out there right now than in New York City.

Another thing I noticed is that a majority of dj's out there are only playing electro music so it's easier to come off. At each party, peeps gave me props and a few said that they appreciated what I was doin. It's kind of bizarre because that doesn't happen often in NY... Anyhow, I'll definetely be be back out there in June.

DJ SOUL said...

And what's the big deal with those ice cream sandwiches? My homegirl was high as hell and made a big deal about them...

Anonymous said...

ice cream sandwiches are the bomb you idiot!