January 16, 2008

Mixtape Wed's Returns

A DJ Premier mixtape of B-sides, remixes, samples and forgotten tracks? Why not... This was easily one of the best hip-hop mixtapes released last year. I still don't understand how people slept on this. In case u did or missed it, here u go...

DJ Jaycee (Of The Aphilliates)

1. Intro
2. Credit Is Due - Gang Starr
3. Peer Pressure - Mobb Deep
4. Eazy’s Daddy
5. KRS One Attacks - KRS One
6. Higher Ground - KRS One
7. Outta Here - KRS One
8. Unbelievable - The Notorious BIG
9. I Put A Spell On You/Kick In The Door - The Notorious BIG
10. Mr. Byrd/NY State Of Mind - Nas
11. NY State Of Mind pt.2 - Nas
12. Shelley
13. Come Clean - Jeru The Damaja
14. Danger (DJ Premier Remix) - Blahzay Blahzay
15. Mr. Jamal
16. The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix) - Fat Joe
17. Brother James
18. Words I Manifest - Gang Starr
19. Fred And Them (Arena Interlude)
20. Flip Da Scrip (Premier’s toot da horn mix) - Da King & I
21. Marlena
22. Bob
23. Take It Personal - Gang Starr
24. The Queen
25. Yes Y’all - Heavy D & The Boyz
26. Go Back Home
27. D’ Evils - Jay-Z
28. Fergie Ferg
29. The Next Level (DJ Premier Remix) - Show & AG
30. S.O.U.L.
31. Roll Call - M.O.P.
32. Joe And Nem’
33. Da Bichez -Jeru The Damaja
34. Brown Skin Woman (interlude)
35. 1, 2 Pass It - The D&D Allstars
36. Bring It On - Jay-Z
37. Mr. Adderley
38. The Place Where We Dwell - Gang Starr
39. Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
40. Ease My Mind (DJ Premier Remix) - Arrested Development
41. Together Again (DJ Premier Remix) - Janet Jackson
42. The 6th Sense - Common
43. Marc
44. Boom! - Royce Da 5′9
45. The One And Only - Snoop Dogg
46. Joe And Nem’ Again
47. Words From The Nutcracker - Gang Starr
48. Chef
49. Supa Star - Group Home
50. Full Clip (interlude)
51. Platinum Plus f. Big Daddy Kane - Big L
52. Trader Vic
53. Mass Appeal - Gang Starr
54. F.A.Y.B.A.N. - Screwball
55. Mathematics - Mos Def
56. Outro


madnice said...

good lookin

Jaycee said...

i don't understand why it got slept on either, considering we have all these damn hiphop "heads and critics" who complain about all the mixtapes with no mixing and a bunch of annoying shoutouts on them, but then one comes out full of classic material produced by one of hiphop's greatest and most respected producers of all time, put together well by a very competent DJ who knows his music, with no shoutouts running through it and it gets no love??? i don't quite know what to chalk it up to but at any rate, i appreciate you digging it enough to feature it on your page for more folks to check out. respect, let's collab on something in the future dude...

DJ SOUL said...

What up Jay! Good to see u on the check in...

One of the reasons why I started this blog is to put people onto good music (a majority if it being hip-hop related). I also see it as a platform to inspire and educate the youth on what's quality and what isn't. It's true that the music game has gotten out of the hand and the good old days of hip-hop are behind us but there still is some quality music and projects out there... Your Premier mixtape is definetely one of the few and that is why I featured it...

If you're serious about working on a project do me a favor and hit me here (djsoulnyc@hotmail.com) so we can build. Peace...

Subversive said...

uhh, I WAS sleeping on this mix

& this mix is not fire

fires eventually go out

this shit is CLASSIC, terminally ILL for the simple fact it has all that dope Primo shit, plus it's put together nicely...lovin' it

Mr Lawson said...

Real nice mix.

DJ SORCE-1 said...

For DJ Soul and everyone else who dug the mix, I recently interviewed Jaycee at The Smoking Section about the making of Pizza at Primo's. To read the interview and post some feedback, click this link.