December 1, 2007

Haze's Studio Opening

A couple of weeks ago, the big homie Haze reached out and asked if I'd be down to play at the opening of his new studio in Brooklyn. Just Blaze was gonna spin as well... Of course I couldn't say no!

Fast foward to the night of the party and I thought that me and Just would only play seperate sets. Three hours into the party and we started mixing together (Just was on the cdj's and I was on the turntables). Now in my lifetime, I've never had an opportunity to spin with another DJ at the same time and on seperate equipment... But what resulted was amazing! Nothing was planned and everything was spontaneous (imagine triple mix blends with sound efx's being dropped and scratched in). At the end of the night, we both agreed that it should've been recorded and we should do it again... Will it happen? Who knows... If anybody out there wants to try to make it happen, feel free to holla and make sure that checking account is balanced!

A huge thank you goes out to Haze, Jen and the entire crew over there for the love! Big shouts to everybody who came thru and made it a great nite! Check out the pic's below from the party (shot by Ray Tamara) and for more coverage click here, here and here.


madnice said...

that subway sign on the wall is ill
where did he get that

DebonaireBillionaire said...

HOT images!