November 14, 2007

Mixtape Wednesdays #4

Oh shit... We're keeping it Uptown again this week... Released around the same time as A Tribe Called Quest's first album, Capri drops a few classic cuts and addresses drama with a crosstown crew... Side B contains a freestyle that showcases Capri's party chant which would be recited on Showbiz & AG's "Party Groove". Let it be known that this wasn't re-issued like 10/9 or Old School Vol's 1 to 3.
Kid Capri - 4/11/1990
Side A / Side B


MOPowell said...

Wow, this is great. I think the first mixtape was back in 2002 or somethin, so this is really taking it back. The songs sound even better this way!

djducats said...

Shiiit... We used to talk about the Kid Capri mixes up here in Canada almost like they were urban myth's (joke... we knew they existed). Ill post!

ty said...

kiiiiiiid capriiiiiiiii I love it..
Thank you for posting!!!!
I want to see him with 15 crates one more time!!

Jaz said...

dope, although I still don't understand what Kid Capri says in the 'Party Groove'

thanks for this.

Skratch said...

In Party Groove, the Kid is sayin..

BEND, and stretch, keep it goin to the
BEND, and stretch, and as ya vibe it goes

and so on and so forth

The Bend and Stretch was a dance

whatup ducats! it's bastid

Hell Yup! said...


Killahbee & Supa Syl said...

Dope !! Thanx for Making me revive My teens ...

Dj Spox said...

can someone pliz post some tracklist ??