August 29, 2007


Came across this track earlier by Raekwon. When it was released the only sneakers I remember being retro'd were the Jordan's and Stan Smith's. Shout to Bobbito's Footwork. Outside of Fulton Mall, that was one of the only spots in New York City where u could find oversea releases.

Raekwon "Sneakers" 
(Recorded in 1999)


daoud - coup d'etat BK said...

MANNN!!!! problem is they caught on and now they sell us instant collectables WTF!!! its like theres no chance to be an originator or be the cat to step on the scene with a pair of "where'd you get those" on. what makes me laugh is i have kicks in my closet that are original releases that when i look at them are better quality than the more expensive re-release kick all these fools are dying to be instantly cool in.

What happened to the "sneaker hunt"i miss the days , when you had to put in work to be fly, and you were so proud of your kicks that it was ok to rock them till the soles wore out cause havin' them on your feet was enough. Its time to refocus, im a quit buying kicks for awhile and buy a bond or something LOL

"live to change something"

madnice said...

shit has changed for the worse. you cant be exclusive anymore. its a shame. at least bob came correct with his uptowns. then nike drops him. what the fuck?